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Showers, Restrooms , Laundry Facilities, Wi-Fi,  Pool is not available due to construction, No Cable T.V.

Making a Reservation

Call or E-Mail to make reservations, Rv's must be 2005  or newer 

Our Rates



Effective - April 1st2020


Daily $50.00 (Includes Electric)

Weekly $275.00 (Includes Electric)

Monthly $530.00 + Electric - April thru December

$630.00 + Electric - Jan, Feb, March

6+6  $425.00 + Electric

Rates are based on occupancy by 2 persons

Extra persons over 5 years old will be charged $4.00 per person per day

No Charge for persons under 5 years old


Electricity is included in the daily & weekly rates. A $100.00 electric deposit is required for monthly & 6+6, will be applied to the last electric bill. Electricity is individually metered & charged accordingly.


Residents $60.00 per month + tax

Non-Residents $90.00 per month + tax

With electric for battery charger/ refrigerator (if available) ----- $35.00 per month in addition to the storage fee


6+6 PLAN

Based upon at least 6 months on site storage, followed by 6 months occupancy, Occupancy beyond the regular 6 month season may be extended for an additional $120.00 per month.



There will be a late fee of $75.00 added to all late payments after 5 days.


No refunds will be paid on rent not used.


Reservations are accepted for space only - not a specific site.

Sites are not assigned in advanced. Your lot will be assigned upon your arrival.

Rules And Regulations



We extend to you a personal welcome and will make every effort to see that you enjoy your stay…In order to provide a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere and maintain a high standard of safety and cleanliness, it is necessary to adopt these guidelines.












Your voluntary co-operation in following these policies will ensure that we will be able to provide the type of accommodations that you will enjoy and appreciate.

1. Rental plans

Sites can be rented on a permanent basis which are described and explained as follows:

Annual Plan

You must pay the current rate schedule in order to qualify for the annual plan. You must be in the park for 12 consecutive months to qualify. This plan allows you full access to the site at anytime during the year.

A $100.00 electric deposit is required for annual and 6+6 plans.

You may not sub rent or allow free access to anyone in you absence.

6+6 Plan 

Allows you to occupy the site for 6 months followed by 6 months off site the rate is to be payable for a 12 month rate. If staying longer than 6 months a fee of a extra $120.00 per month will apply.


Sites may be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as the current rate schuedule.

No Rv’s allowed 20 years or older on a permanent basis. 

Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone as allowed in the Florida State Statutes.  


(a) Requests for specific sites will be taken but not guaranteed. If the reservation is accepted you will be guaranteed a space in the park, but will not guarantee a specific site. Management reserves the right to allow requests by permanent residents for a specific site to take precedence over short term reservations.

(b) Reservations must include an arrival and departure date. Open-ended reservations cannot be accepted.


3. Purchase, Sale & Gift of RV

(a) Any Rv Located on a site rented on a permanent basis, either annual or 6+6 plan, must be titled to the occupant. There are no rentals allowed.

(b) All sales and purchases of an Rv which is to remain in the park must be handled by the park office.

(c) Any Rv not sold by the park office cannot be occupied by the new owner or anyone else and must be immediately removed from the park.

(d) All structures such as sheds or carports shall immediately be removed from the site upon removal of the Rv.

(e)  Realtors are not allowed to list or sell any unit located in the park and are prohibited by Florida Law from selling Rv units. 

(f) Any RV that is sold to remain on the lot must be a paid in full transaction with no money owed to the seller.


(g) Any Rv that is to be sold and to remain in the park must be of good condition and appearance in the sole discretion and opinion of the park management. All Rv units must have a current tag. All Rv’s must have insurance covering the value of the RV. Any Rv having a value of less than $10,000.00 cannot be sold to remain in the park. 

4. Upon Arrival

(a)  All guests must register in the office and a site will be assigned.

(b) The check-in check-out time is 12:00 Noon. If you wish to check-in earlier or stay later, please check with the park office to determine the availability of the site.

(c) Any changes to site assignments must have PRIOR approval of the park office.

(d) Any requirements for off-site storage should be satisfied at this time.

(e) The rate schedule is set for occupancy of (2) persons. Any extra persons must registered in the park office when they arrive or prior to arrival. A $4.00 per person per day will be charged and is to be paid in advance.




(a.) Speed limit is 9 miles per hour. Anyone who consistently or repeatedly violates the speed limit will be asked to leave the park.

(b.) The streets in Twelve Oaks are private property. All traffic signs must be obeyed. Violators will be required to leave their vehicles outside the park and walk to their site at the sole discretion of the park manager. Please cooperate.

(b.) Discharging fireworks or firearms of any kind is strictly forbidden.

(c.) Lp Gas is available for purchase in the park. Make sure that your site number is clearly visible on your tank.

Tanks will be filled between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm. There will be an extra $1.00 charge to fill a tank for non-residents.

(d.) Landscaping of sites by tenants is subject to approval of management removal of any trees or shrubs requires prior approval of management. 

(e.) Carports are allowed prior to management approval. No sides are to be attached to carport.

(f.) Mail receptacles are available for permanent or seasonal tenants. A $5.00 key deposit is required and will be refunded only if the key is returned.

(g.) The park office and/or management should be notified of all emergencies. Only emergency messages will be called or delivered to the site.

(h.) Swimming Pool rules are posted at the pool and must be obeyed. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult inside the pool fence. All visitors of tenants must be accompanied by the tenant while they are in the pool. No pets in the pool area.

(i.) The showers and restrooms are not to be used to wash dishes, laundry or pets.

(j.) Laundry facilities are provided and change to operate the machines is available in the park office. Please leave the machines as you would expect find them!! 

(j.) The park is not liable or responsible of a tenant’s for the removal or damage that might occur as the result of the recovery of a tenant’s unit by a mortgage company or other secured party. Tenants recognize that location of a unit within Twelve Oaks is not private or privileged information and may be released by the park. 

(k.) No go carts or skateboards allowed.


(a.) Twelve oaks rv resort is a pet friendly park, pets are allowed allowing no more than (2) dogs. Large dogs is up to management approval. 

(b.) Dogs must be house pets not yard pets.

(c.) Pets are to remain on a leash at all times (including the storage area). Pets cannot be left outside alone. Pets cannot be allowed to wander into other tenant’s yards while being walked. 

(d.) Their droppings must be picked up immediately.

(e.) Horses or horseback riding is not allowed in the park.


(a.) Depending on the size of the site and safety considerations, a second unit may be temporarily parked at the site only for the sole purpose of loading and unloading.

(b.) All vehicles parked at the site must be completely off the street.

(c.) Any additional structure, such as a shed, carport, screen room, driveway, or sidewalk, or deck, must be approved by management prior to being constructed or placed. Some sites are not big enough for any size shed. It is up to manager’s discretion as to shed location, Shed’s should be no larger than a 10x10.

(d.) A 10 foot clear lane must be maintained at the rear of the of all perimeter lots. A 5 foot clear lane must be maintained on all interior lots.

(e.) No campfires or firepits are allowed at the site. Any fire must be contained in an approved covered fire grill only.

10 feet must be maintained between the grill and the neighbor. No fire is to be left alone fires are not allowed in windy conditions. If smoke is blowing in your neighbor’s home, you must extinguish.

(f.) Household garbage must be bagged and placed in the dumpsters provided, please separate yard waste from trash, cardboard boxes must be broken down. The large dumpsters in front and back of the park are locked at night due to bears getting into them, please use the small dumpsters for trash. Do Not leave trash on the ground by the dumpsters.

(g.) Clotheslines or hanging of clothes on the unit is not permitted at the site.

(h.) Sewer connections may be hard –plumbed to the sewer drop provided by the park. If this plumbing must be cut or otherwise interrupted in order to clear or maintain any lines the repair and costs remain the responsibility of the tenant. A sponge gasket is required to seal the point of connection of the Rv drop to the park sewage system.

(i.) You may have houseguests for a period of (2) weeks if they are registered in the park office and the $4.00 per day fee has been paid. Houseguests cannot occupy your unit, either annual or 6+6 plan in your absence.

(j.) The hours between 10:00pm and 8:00am are considered quiet time. Please be considerate by turning off outside lights and keeping the volume of radios, music, and tv’s low.

(k.) All Rv’s must be clean outside and in good condition and appearance, not dilapidated or in disrepair, in the sole discretion and opinion of park management. If the park management considers any Rv or other vehicle not meeting the standards of Twelve Oaks, it may be ordered removed from the park at the sole discretion of park management. 


(a.) Storage of Rv’s units, and miscellaneous trailers may be stored in the storage section on a space available basis.

(b.) Any unit being stored must be in a clean and presentable condition, be in operating condition and have a current tag. 

(c.) Tires must be kept inflated.

(d.) Positively no one is allowed to live in a stored unit.


(a.) Only one (1) Recreational Vehicle per site.

(b.) A maximum of two (2) motor vehicles are allowed at the site, only if the site allows.

(c.) All other Rv’s, Boat’s and other storage trailers must be parked in the storage area. A storage fee will be charged and is to be paid on the same basis as rent.

(d.)Motorcycles are allowed provided the noise level is not offensive or excessive to other tenant’s. 

(e.) Engine repairs, the changing of any fluids or garage work is prohibited anywhere in the park.

(d.) Vehicles must be parked on the site to which they belong. They cannot be parked on any empty sites nor be parked on the street for longer than five (5) minutes.

(e.) The operator of any vehicle must be at least 16 years old, and must operate the vehicle in a safe manner to the operator and all other tenant’s and guests.

(f.) All vehicles must obey all traffic signs including golf carts.

(g.) Cutting through sites, empty or occupied, is not allowed.

(h.) All vehicles must have current tag, and be in clean and good condition. 


(a.) Twelve Oaks is an adult park, children are allowed to visit, and can be here for only a limited time. Children must be supervised at all times.

Handicap facilities are available in the restrooms and the rec hall. Twelve Oaks is not a rest home or assisted living facility. 

Files coming soon.

Pet Rules


*Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times and are not allowed to roam into other sites.

*DO NOT let your pet do their “business” at any site.

*Please clean up after you pet, Pet waste must be picked up IMMEDIATELY, and placed in the dumpster. (even on your own lot, maintenance will not mow or weed eat if there is dog waste present.)

* Do not let pets “mark” the sites, planted trees, bushes, or flowers.

* Do not wash pet articles in any laundry facilities or bathe pets in any park facilities.

* Pets are not allowed in any park buildings. (including bathrooms)

* Pets are not allowed to be tied up, fenced, or caged outside without an adult at all times.

* Pit Bulls are not allowed in the park.

* REPEATED offenses may result in being asked to LEAVE THE PARK.

Files coming soon.


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